(Read John 3)

Do you think you’re right with God because of your rules and regulations? Do you really believe you’re saved by the things you do or don’t do?; because of your nit-picking legalism; because you have all the accoutrements of religiosity? Think no further. Nicodemus who thought he had “arrived spiritually” was dismissed by Jesus as someone who had to start all over again. All of his religious achievements amounted to absolutely nothing if he were to be right with God. Nicodemus was a pharisee par excellence, and all of the religious trappings of his life were dismissed by Jesus as absolutely inappropriate to make heaven. He stood spiritually naked before God. He had a need in his life and only God in Christ has the provision for that need. We’re not saved by our religious activities. We’re not saved with our moral activities; by our church attendance. We’re saved by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I’m afraid we put Jesus Christ on our bumper stickers, on our jewelry, we embroider Him on our t-shirts, but that’s not enough. Do you know Him? Have you put your full weight on Him and Him alone as your only hope for being accepted by God? Is He the door? the Way, the Truth, and the Life for you? Or are you trying to add all the good stuff you do? All the good stuff you know, all the great denomination that you joined? all the religious ritual that you participated in? What’s the bottom line of this deal?