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All are designed to offer strength and encouragement at a time it’s so desperately needed.
“With people suffering the way they’ve suffered, a lot of people have lost family members and are still dealing with sickness, I think it’s right on time to really encourage people to believe again.”

Although Winans, a 12-time GRAMMY winner, 23-time DOVE award-winner, and recipient of multiple other awards and honors, has been performing and recording music for more than thirty years, “Believe for It” is her first ‘live’ album. She admits doing a live album in the midst of a pandemic was no easy task.  

Cece Winans — Believe For It (Live)

Sample track

Jesus You’re Beautiful

Track Listings

1Fire 07:13
2Never Lost 06:43
3Believe For It 08:22
4King Of Glory 10:35
5Worthy Of It All 05:29
6Hunger 05:37
7Just To Be Close To You 03:32
8Shepherd 06:18
9Alabaster Box 05:41
10Jesus You’re Beautiful 07:13
11I Have A Savior 09:18
12Goodness Of God 04:57
13No Greater 08:43
14Never Lost 04:10
15Believe For It 03:48

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