(cf. 1 Cor. 2:10-16)

No human being on his own wisdom can ever know God. Only the Spirit of God really knows God, and He’s going to communicate Him to the believer. He is going to reveal Him to us. He who fully knows God is capable of putting that wonderful truth about God on a low enough level that even fallen mankind can know about God. It is not human discovery. It is divine revelation. We have not received a spirit that belongs to this world; the spirit of rebellion that permeates this fallen world. But we have received the Spirit that has come from God, and there’s coming a new day where God will be in control. And we have received the Holy Spirit that we may get an insight into the blessings God has graciously given us. What the Holy Spirit does is teach us who we are in Jesus Christ, and there’s no greater blessing than that. One way for you to be fully grounded in your faith is to understand who you are and why, and then nothing could ever blow you off that foundation.

The unspiritual man (natural man) is somebody who is not motivated by the Spirit. It’s exactly the opposite of the spiritual man. The natural man has only the wisdom of this fallen age. He doesn’t have the perspective of the Divine Spirit; he does not accept the things of God. He is a man who does not know Christ, and he cannot know spiritual truth. Why do you think the Bible says “don’t throw your pearls before swine?” (i.e Matt. 7:6). To tell spiritual truth to someone who doesn’t know Christ is a fruitless task. It’s impossible for them to understand for they are nonsense to him, and he cannot understand them because they are appreciated by spiritual insight. The unspiritual man doesn’t know how to judge spiritual truth. He can’t ask the right questions, and he doesn’t know the right answers. But the spiritual man does appreciate; he does know the right questions, he does see the right perspective. …”and yet he himself is not really judged by anybody”. What that means is, while the lost man can’t know the things of God, the saved man has God’s mind, God’s heart, and understands God’s thoughts, and the world is not going to understand us. They’re not going to understand why we do things; not understand our perspective, not understand why we give our money, and go, and witness, and ready to die for our faith. It’s impossible for them to understand. ” For “who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to counsel him?” But we have the mind of Christ.” Here’s this wonderful affirmation that we possess Christ’s thoughts. The Spirit of God Himself gives us the mind of Christ. Hallelujah!