(read Colossians 3:1-2) We are alive in Christ. As He was raised from the dead, so are we raised from the dead. Heaven is not future, heaven is now; it’s not some day out there (cf. Eph. 2:6). We have intimate, immediate restoration of the image of God damaged in the fall when we trust Jesus Christ (cf. Col. 3:10). We still have physical life. Thank God our heart still pumps, our lungs still breathe, life is good, but no matter what happens, regardless of the temporary circumstances that all of us find ourselves in, we have eternal life. We walk in the joy of eternal life because we look to who we are in Him and not to who we are in the world. Yes, we are citizens of this age, but we are much more so citizens of the Kingdom of God. The hardest thing for us to realize is that we hold 2 passports. We hold a passport to an earthly realm, and we happen to live in a country that has magnified the individual, magnified personal choice, and magnified materialism. We live in that context, and we have rights and responsibilities. But we’re also citizens of a spiritual realm, and we as Christians say that the spiritual realm is the ultimate of the 2 realms, so we must seek the things that are above so we can handle properly the things that are below. The tragedy is, we have been captured by the things that are below while giving lip service and peripherally to the things that are above. Paul commands us to keep seeking the things that are above. We are dead and we’ve been raised. Keep thinking of who you really are in Christ who is seated at the right hand of God.