(cf. Deut. 8:11-20)

When life is good and the Lord your God has given you homes to live in, many healthy children, and a prosperous job, don’t you ever be thinking in your mind, “Look what the strength of my hands have done, look how creative I am, look what I’ve produced, boy, I am a go-getter.” Now, you remember that it’s the Lord your God that provided you these things. It is the blessing of the Lord which makes us rich (i.e. Prov. 10:22). I think we need to take a spiritual inventory every now and then, and sometimes it’s very hard to do it in the crucible of the contemporary. It’s much easier to look backwards when life was good as we were used to seeing 2 ‘footprints’, but right in the moment of crisis in our lives we see one. Suddenly life begins to take on a new perspective because we believe the Bible is the only clear self revelation of the one true God. He is with us. He is for us, and we don’t want to forget that in our abundance or in our need. We don’t want to have too much that we forget God, we don’t want to have too little that we curse Him. That’s not a half-bad thought; to have a mean in our Christian lives, that we’re going to think about Him always, and not forget who He is in our lives.