There is only one source of authority for us – the Bible, and i think it’s not ugly to ask someone who speaks for God, “can you show me in the Bible where you got that? Give me time to look at it, pray about it, and then i’m responsible for the light i have to walk in that truth”. I think we have confused unity for uniformity. As believers, we’re to remain unified, but we will never see the Bible the same. I think God uses our diversity to reach out diverse lost people who think differently and look at the world differently. You are fully equipped to reach people for Christ in your unique personality type, but i hope you will give me the dignity that i have the same position that i can reach people with my understanding for Christ, because the goal is – the Great Commission. It’s not who passes the test when you get to heaven. It’s not how many you have converted for Christ. It’s how you have lived for Him!

Someone has said, “Christians believe the Bible is inerrant, and yet they can’t agree on anything it says”. I think there is a ton of truth to that, and it’s really self-defeating. This tells us there has to be a practical way how someone approaches an ancient Book, understands it, and applies it to themselves. Many people read the Bible like the morning newspaper written in English written to them. It’s not that the Bible was not written for you, it was written for you but not to you. The only way we can understand it, is to understand what the original author who is the only inspired person. The only inspired person in Bible study is not your bishop, not your pastor, and not your denomination. The only inspired person is the original Biblical author. How would you feel if you wrote a 5-page love letter to someone, and the girl next to you read 2 or 3 “I love you” sentences off the 3rd page and thought it was for her. I wonder how much could it embarrass you. You would say to me, “wait a minute, you’ve got to read the whole letter – you’ve got to know when i wrote that, and who i wrote that to”. I think God, who is the Original Divine Author anyway, would be screaming that at us, because we are all terribly guilty of pulling one verse here, one phrase there, one word here, mix it all up and say, “Thus saith the Lord”. Remember “a book that can mean anything, means nothing”! We are so abysmal ignorant of the Bible, but we think we know it, and we’ll split churches over a little verse that nobody knows what it means.