In their book entitled “How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth”, the authors make a statement in there, and it shocked me when I first read it. I think it’s true that 95% of the Old Testament prophecies have already been fulfilled in the Incarnation. Only 5% of Old Testament prophecies are future. What appalls me is why do we focus so much on the Second Coming, when the big event was the 1st Coming; you were saved, redeemed, you walk in victory because of the 1st Coming. The 2nd Coming is just cleaning up the mess, so to speak. The 2nd Coming is just a chance for the fallen world to hear and respond. The Big Event event has occurred, and the Big Event is Jesus’ Incarnation; teaching; miracles; death on the cross; and resurrection from the dead. It’s already a done deal, and it’s the 1st Coming. The interregnum between the 1st Coming and the 2nd Coming (when Redemption will have been finally consummated), is an ambiguous time lapse we call the Last Days; the End Times; the Last Hour. That’s where we live, in this time frame, and the Bible admonishes us to “be ready” and “be active”. The “when” & “how” of Christ’s return are purposefully ambiguous. However, one thing is for sure; His promised 2nd Coming will come to pass. God’s promises are based on His trustworthiness (cf. 2 Sam. 7:28), and not on man’s faithfulness. Nothing can thwart the realization of God’s promises, they will surely come to pass. Delays in their fulfillment are His way to mature the believers’ faith and trust in Him and to clearly reveal Himself to later generations.

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