We wrestle not against flesh and blood. If you haven’t read Ephesians 6:10 and following you need to do that because we are in a spiritual battle not only for the lives and hearts of men, but for the goals and purposes of nations. And if you don’t even realize that there is a supernatural adversary, you will never be prepared to do spiritual battles for the Kingdom of God. I know that sounds ridiculous to modern man, and you can write it off as something weird, but i have committed my heart and mind to the Bible as the only self-revelation of the One True Eternal God, and He over, and over, and over again, though He doesn’t tell me clearly, doesn’t tell me completely, but tells me that there are forces of evil out to thwart not only my life, but my family, and my church, and my nation, and my world. And if we never realize that, we are blind and helpless.

God has provided all the weapons fpr a spiritual battle; all of them are ours for the taking. They are not automatically put on us. We must recognize the battle. We must pick up the implements. We must put them on our lives, and then we must stand. Friends, the reason that most of you are getting knocked over day after day, is you don’t realize you are in a spiritual battle. Prayer, Bible study, and moral integrity are important in a world that is fallen in sin. With an immoral tendency deep in the heart of every one of us, and manifested through temptation on the outside of each and everyone of us, friends, we are in a battle. The Evil one is beautiful, and powerful, and pervasive beyond all our imagination. Satan is the most beautiful creation full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. Funny, we kind of give him a red suit, and horns and a tail, and a pitchfork so we can laugh at him, but the Bible calls him an angel of light. We don’t fear him as powerful as he is, because greater is He (Jesus) that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). But never take him for granted, for he roams the earth seeking whom he may devour, and God help us, Christians are often caught in the meat grinder of the forces of evil of our world.


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