Spiritual Adultery

The history of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament has been a tableau of God’s unending love and faithfulness on one hand, and Israel’s continual unfaithfulness to its covenant-making God on the other hand. God had always been faithful to His covenant promises with Israel, but Israel followed after false gods of the pagan nations round-about. Israel had praised and worshipped the Baals of the fertility cult religion of their day that is immensely degrading and terribly immoral. They have lost their sense of moral compass such that they ascribed to these pagan gods the very blessings that their One true God has wrought upon them all through those years in their history as a nation and as the people of God, saying ‘these are they who have given me these things as a nation”. They have ignored Yahweh. Now we say, how could they do that? But you and I do the same thing in our world today. You and I have been guilty, if we’re not careful of idolatry. One of the things that Paul tells us about in the New Testament is about the danger of materialism. And if we love anything more than we love God, then this becomes an idol, and you and I can become guilty of spiritual adultery as well. And we think well, it is my business, it is my ability, or it is my wisdom that has gotten me all these things. And we soon forget, and it’s possible for you and I to have received the blessings of God just like Israel received the blessings of God yet forget to acknowledge God accordingly as the source of all these blessings. We do not think about God until disaster strikes. We start to complain to God, ‘where are You, how could You have allowed this thing to happen?”

You know, when life is good and the Lord our God has given us homes to live in, many healthy children, and a prosperous job, don’t you ever be thinking in your mind, “Look what the strength of my hands have done, look how creative I am, look what I’ve produced, boy, I am a go-getter.” Now, you remember that it’s the Lord your God that provided you these things. It is the blessing of the Lord which makes us rich (i.e. Prov. 10:22). I think we need to take a spiritual inventory every now and then, and sometimes it’s very hard to do it in the crucible of the contemporary. It’s much easier to look backwards when life was good as we were used to seeing 2 ‘footprints’ as the song says, but right in the moment of crisis in our lives we see one. And then suddenly life begins to take on a new perspective because we believe the Bible is the only clear self-revelation of the one true God. He is with us. He is for us, and we don’t want to forget that in our abundance or in our need. We don’t want to have too much that we forget God, we don’t want to have too little that we curse Him. That’s not a half-bad thought; to have a mean in our Christian lives, that we’re going to think about Him always, and not forget who He is in our lives.